The CardTapp YouTube channel primarily focuses on providing sales professionals with tools and strategies to stay top of mind, increase referrals, and grow their business through personally branded mobile apps. The channel's content revolves around topics such as networking, leveraging personal apps, capturing leads, retaining clients, increasing closing rates, and building loyalty with referral partners and customers. The videos on the channel primarily consist of tutorials, demonstrations, and testimonials related to using the CardTapp platform and its features. These tutorials cover various aspects of the platform, including setting up integrations, using business lines and SMS marketing, managing sales teams, and leveraging app-to-web marketing. The target audience for this channel appears to be sales professionals, particularly those in the mortgage and insurance industries, looking to enhance their networking, marketing, and customer engagement strategies. The content is tailored to individuals seeking to differentiate themselves and their businesses through personalized mobile apps and digital marketing tools. In summary, the CardTapp YouTube channel is dedicated to providing sales professionals, particularly in the mortgage and insurance industries, with the knowledge and tools to effectively utilize personally branded mobile apps for networking, lead generation, and client retention. The channel's videos primarily consist of tutorials and demonstrations focused on leveraging the CardTapp platform to grow and enhance business.