The GTMnow YouTube channel, formerly known as SalesHacker, focuses on providing valuable insights, strategies, and best practices for sales professionals and leaders. The channel's content revolves around various aspects of sales, including sales techniques, sales technology, sales leadership, and sales operations. The overarching themes prevalent in the channel's content include sales strategies, sales enablement, sales coaching, sales technology, and sales leadership. The channel's primary focus is on the sales industry, catering to professionals and leaders looking to enhance their sales skills, optimize their sales processes, and leverage sales technology effectively. The videos cover a wide range of topics within the sales domain, such as cold calling, sales demos, email sequences, objection handling, sales coaching, sales KPIs, and sales productivity. The types of videos produced by the channel primarily include educational content, workshops, interviews with industry experts, and sales strategy breakdowns. The channel offers tutorials, masterclasses, and discussions on various sales-related topics, providing actionable insights and practical advice for sales professionals. The target audience for the GTMnow channel is sales professionals, sales leaders, sales operations professionals, and anyone involved in B2B sales. The content is tailored to individuals seeking to improve their sales skills, stay updated on sales trends, and leverage sales technology to drive business growth. In summary, the GTMnow YouTube channel is dedicated to providing valuable and actionable insights for sales professionals and leaders. The content primarily focuses on sales strategies, sales technology, and sales leadership, catering to a target audience of B2B sales professionals. The channel produces educational videos, workshops, and interviews with industry experts to help its audience enhance their sales skills and drive business growth.