Jordan Platten Extra

The Jordan Platten Extra YouTube channel primarily focuses on providing guidance and advice to aspiring entrepreneurs, specifically those interested in starting and growing a social media marketing agency (SMMA). The channel's content revolves around the SMMA industry, covering topics such as client acquisition, pricing models, team building, sales skills, and common mistakes made by new SMMA owners. Additionally, the channel delves into broader entrepreneurial themes, including the importance of personal branding, the challenges of entrepreneurship, and the laws of money. The types of videos produced by the channel are primarily educational and informative, featuring tutorials, tips, and insights from Jordan Platten, the channel's creator. The videos often take the form of monologues or presentations, with occasional interviews or discussions on specific topics related to entrepreneurship and SMMA. The target audience for the Jordan Platten Extra channel is aspiring entrepreneurs, particularly those interested in the SMMA industry. The content is tailored to individuals looking to start, scale, or improve their SMMA business, as well as those seeking general entrepreneurial advice and mentorship. The channel's audience may also include individuals interested in sales, marketing, and personal development. In summary, the Jordan Platten Extra YouTube channel is dedicated to providing valuable insights and guidance to aspiring entrepreneurs, with a specific focus on the SMMA industry. The content is educational, covering a wide range of topics related to entrepreneurship, SMMA business strategies, and personal development, making it a valuable resource for individuals looking to succeed in the world of digital marketing and entrepreneurship.