Rotten Mango

The Rotten Mango YouTube channel primarily focuses on creating content related to true crime, mysteries, and dark, disturbing events. The channel's videos often cover stories of murder, betrayal, cults, and other shocking occurrences, with a particular emphasis on cases from Asian countries. The videos delve into the details of these cases, exploring the motives, the individuals involved, and the aftermath of the events. The channel's content does not appear to have a specific focus on a particular industry or subject area, but rather on captivating and often unsettling real-life stories. The types of videos produced by Rotten Mango can be categorized as true crime documentaries, investigative reports, and storytelling of mysterious and tragic events. The channel's videos are presented in a narrative format, often using dramatic reenactments and visual aids to enhance the storytelling. The target audience for the Rotten Mango channel seems to be individuals with an interest in true crime, mystery, and dark storytelling. The content may appeal to those who enjoy exploring the darker aspects of human behavior and are intrigued by real-life events that are often stranger than fiction. The channel's audience may also include fans of investigative journalism and storytelling enthusiasts who appreciate in-depth narratives. In summary, the Rotten Mango YouTube channel produces true crime and mystery-focused content, catering to an audience interested in dark and unsettling real-life stories. The videos are presented in a documentary-style format, exploring shocking events and delving into the details of each case. The channel's primary focus is on captivating storytelling and investigative reporting of mysterious and often disturbing occurrences.