Shelby Church

The Shelby Church YouTube channel primarily focuses on lifestyle, travel, real estate, and personal finance topics. The channel's content includes videos about travel hacks, financial mistakes, real estate investments, Airbnb hosting, side hustles, and luxury experiences such as flying first class and staying in high-end accommodations. Additionally, the channel features videos on tech-related topics, including Tesla and self-driving cars. The channel does not have a discernible focus or specialization in a specific industry or subject area, as it covers a wide range of topics related to lifestyle, travel, finance, and technology. The types of videos produced by the channel include vlogs, tutorials, reviews, and informational content. The videos often feature personal experiences, tips, and insights into various lifestyle and financial topics. The target audience for the Shelby Church channel appears to be young adults and millennials interested in travel, personal finance, real estate, and technology. The content is likely to appeal to individuals who are looking for tips on saving money, investing, and experiencing luxury travel and accommodations on a budget. In summary, the Shelby Church YouTube channel caters to a young adult audience interested in lifestyle, travel, real estate, personal finance, and technology. The channel produces a variety of content, including vlogs, tutorials, and reviews, offering insights and tips on a wide range of topics related to modern living and experiences.