The Social Guide

The Social Guide YouTube channel primarily focuses on providing tutorials and guides on various topics such as NFTs, cryptocurrency, online software, marketing, project management, and more. The channel's content covers a wide range of subjects, including website creation (e.g., Wix, Weebly, Google Sites), project management tools (e.g., Trello,, Clickup, Asana), affiliate marketing, social media content creation (e.g., Canva), email marketing (e.g., Brevo), and video animation (e.g., Powtoon, Canva). Additionally, the channel offers tutorials on specific platforms and features like Shopify, eBay, Google Merchant Center, and TikTok. The primary focus of the channel is to provide easy-to-follow tutorials and guides for individuals interested in various aspects of online business, digital marketing, and technology. The content is geared towards beginners and those looking to enhance their skills in the aforementioned areas. The videos are primarily tutorial-based, aiming to educate and guide viewers through the processes and tools related to the topics covered. The target audience for The Social Guide channel appears to be individuals interested in starting or growing an online business, learning about digital marketing, exploring new software and tools, and delving into the world of NFTs and cryptocurrency. The channel's content is tailored to beginners and those seeking practical guidance in navigating the digital landscape. In summary, The Social Guide YouTube channel offers a comprehensive array of tutorials and guides focused on online business, digital marketing, software utilization, and technology exploration. The primary audience includes beginners and individuals looking to expand their knowledge and skills in the digital realm. The channel's videos primarily consist of tutorial content, providing step-by-step guidance on various topics relevant to online business and technology.