Kimberly Pulito

The Kimberly Pulito YouTube channel primarily focuses on home fragrance products, particularly those from the Scentsy brand. The channel's content revolves around unboxing and showcasing various Scentsy products, including warmers, wax bars, and scent collections. The videos also feature promotions, exclusive offers, and updates related to Scentsy products, as well as tips and hacks for maximizing the use of Scentsy items. The channel's primary audience appears to be individuals interested in home fragrance, Scentsy products, and related home decor. The content is tailored to appeal to Scentsy customers, consultants, and enthusiasts who are looking for information, reviews, and insights into the latest Scentsy releases and promotions. The types of videos produced by the channel include unboxing videos, product reviews, sneak peeks, promotions, and tips and hacks related to Scentsy products. The channel also features updates on exclusive offers, limited-edition releases, and seasonal collections from Scentsy. In summary, the Kimberly Pulito YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing and promoting Scentsy home fragrance products, targeting a niche audience of Scentsy customers, consultants, and enthusiasts. The channel's content primarily consists of unboxing videos, product reviews, promotions, and tips related to maximizing the use of Scentsy products.