How to Change Your Primary Email on LinkedIn

TLDR The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to change your primary email on LinkedIn, including adding a new email address, verifying it, and making it the primary email.

Key insights

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    Step-by-step guide on changing the primary email on LinkedIn.
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    Adding a new email address and verifying it.
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    Security measures for changing the primary email.
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    Recommendation to remove secondary or third email addresses.


  • Why is it important to verify the new email address?

    Verifying the new email address ensures security and confirms that the user has access to the new email.

  • What should be done after adding the new email address?

    After adding the new email address, it's recommended to make it the primary one and remove any secondary or third email addresses for simplicity and security.

  • Is there any specific security measure mentioned in the process?

    The video does not mention any specific security measures, but the verification process itself serves as a security measure to ensure the authenticity of the new email address.

Timestamped Summary

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    Introduction to the process of changing the primary email on LinkedIn.
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    Accessing settings and privacy on LinkedIn.
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    Adding a new email address and the verification process.
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    Making the new email address the primary one and removing secondary emails.
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