The psychology video category encompasses a range of themes centered around understanding human behavior, emotional well-being, and interpersonal dynamics. The videos seem to delve into the darker aspects of personality, as suggested by titles like "Beware of Those Who Pretend To Not Have a Dark Side" and "People Never Do Something Just Once," both featuring insights from Robert Greene, known for his work on power dynamics and strategy.

Content in this category also focuses on personal development and coping strategies, as seen in "How to Deal with Negative Emotions: Daily Proven Techniques" and "How to Stop Getting TRIGGERED Forever." These videos likely offer practical advice and techniques for managing emotions and reactions.

There is a significant emphasis on the impact of upbringing and past experiences on adult behavior, with titles such as "What Your Parents Made You Do for Love…" and "Reparenting Our Inner Child" suggesting a look into how childhood shapes our adult selves. "Why Some Adults Can't... 'Act Their Age'" and "Why Parents Bully Their Children" further explore the consequences of these early influences.

The intended audience for this category appears to be individuals interested in self-improvement, psychology students, and professionals in the field, as well as anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of their own behavior and emotional patterns.

A notable trend in the video titles is the use of direct and provocative language, which may be designed to engage viewers by addressing common psychological issues in a straightforward manner. The inclusion of a well-known figure like Carl Jung, in "Carl Jung’s Word Association Test," also indicates a blend of classical psychological theories with modern self-help approaches.

Collectively, these videos contribute to the psychology category by offering a mix of theoretical knowledge, such as Jungian concepts, alongside actionable advice for emotional regulation and self-awareness. They define the category through a focus on the complexities of human nature, the unseen forces that drive behavior, and the pursuit of personal growth and healing.