Hidden Windows Folder Trick

TLDR You can create a completely invisible folder in Windows using a special character, making it hard to notice and access. This trick can be used to hide files and keep secrets.

Key insights

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    Windows does not allow certain names for folders, such as con, aux, PRN, lpt3, etc.
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    Using alt 255 on the keyboard creates a special invisible character in Windows, allowing the creation of a nameless folder.
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    The invisible folder can be customized with an invisible icon, making it hard to notice in file explorer.
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    The folder is still present in file explorer and terminal, but it has no name or icon, making it difficult to access.

Timestamped Summary

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    Introduction to the Windows folder naming restrictions and the workaround using alt 255 to create an invisible character.
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    Demonstration of creating a nameless folder using the invisible character and customizing it with an invisible icon.
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    Explanation of how the invisible folder is still present but hard to notice in file explorer and terminal.
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