Review of the Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB)

TLDR Mayuko reviews the Happy Hacking Keyboard (HHKB) in detail, covering its specs, comfort, usability, and delight. She discusses the keyboard's layout, switches, battery life, and overall user experience, providing insights into its pros and cons.

Key insights

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    Mayuko discusses her criteria for a good keyboard, emphasizing comfort, usability, and delight.
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    She provides a detailed review of the HHKB's specs, including its switches, color options, connectivity, and price.
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    Mayuko evaluates the HHKB's comfort, usability, and delight, providing insights into its design, layout, battery life, and multi-device capability.
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    She includes a sound test of the keyboard's switches to showcase its typing experience.
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    Mayuko shares her thoughts on the visual appeal of the HHKB, its compatibility with her desk setup, and the overall delight of using the keyboard.
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    She concludes with her overall assessment of the HHKB, highlighting its value, longevity, and personal satisfaction.
  • Mayuko invites viewers to share their experiences with the HHKB and suggests future review topics.
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